Round Bed and Mattress

The Europa Lotus Round Bed, with its superbly unique round design, can add style and class to any bedroom decor. The curvy design also offers a spacious sleeping area for a deeply relaxing sensation.

The Europa Lotus comes complete with headboard, two piece frame, and memory foam mattress. The straight, sleek lines of the headboard make it an attractive contrast to the circular base.

The frame base is divided into two halves for easy transportation and installation, while the memory foam mattress uses your personal heat to hug the curves and shapes of your body. This relieves the pressure often felt in various areas of your body and allows for an exquisite and restful night of sleep.

Choose from two types of fabrics for a style that suits your tastes. Offered in luxurious faux suede or lovely linen, matching the design of your room will be effortless. Each fabric comes in a variety of colors including: Ivory, heather, chocolate, duck egg blue and more.

This spacious, circular bed is perfect for filling in extra roomy areas without that restrictive feeling. Invite your friends to marvel over the beauty of your room, and they will soon be purchasing their own Europa Lotus Round Bed.